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The following is the organizations achievements

  • The organization held a seminar on environment and human rights during which 50 participants form both genders form schools universities whom are interested in the topic.
  • The organization held a discussion panel under the title (The vision of females regarding the upcoming parliamentary election). During which a number of females participated form various universities and female sectors.
  • The organization participated in the regional conference which was organized by the UN in west Asia collaboration with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and other non governmental organization.
  • The organization participated in meeting of Arab youth which was held in Damascus in 2002.
  • A workshop was held on the challenges facing Jordanian females. The participants whom were mainly females represented non governmental organizations, universities , schools.
  • A seminar on globalization was held with participation of 25 youth from both genders whom represented various universities, schools, and non governmental organization.
  • A workshop on Decision Making was held.
  • A workshop on Human Rights was held.
  • A workshop on Media took place with the participation of 40 youth from both genders whom represented various universities.
  • A workshop on environmental media with the participation of 20 youths of both genders from Jordanian universities.
  • The participation in the conference of Arab members of the media interested in environment, development which was held in Abu Dhabi.